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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  August 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> glor: tonight, the heat hits its peak and the fires get worse. more flames fueled by record-setting western conditions. warnings are in place for tens of millions. another air tragedy in southeast asia, an indonesian plane carrying 54 people goes missing. donald trump releases his immigration plan. >> give me a hug. >> and a young "clothing angel" offering outfits and inspiration. >> it's about being treated like a teenage girl should be treated, with respect, love and captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> glor: hi, everyone, i am jeff glor with a western edition of the broadcast. and in a summer where it seems the wild fires have never stopped the athlete is making
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them even worse. nearly 60 large fires are burning in the west tonight. we start with carter evans in los angeles. central washington has been ravaged by wild fires all summer and now a stud wind shift has made things jurors as flames that had burned for several days suddenly pushed into the town of chelan. matthews anderson's shed burned but his home survived. this whole ridge was on fire, that whole hillside there, this whole hillside was on fire last night. it was nuts this is how the fire looked from lake chelan, a popular recreational spot, so far, at least 100 structures have burned. hundreds more are threatened. >> in oregon crews are battling several out of control wild fires, one of them burned more than 86 square miles near the warm springs indian reservation, sally -- sallie polk-adams is one of hundreds of evacuees. >> by the time we got in the fire, the fire was in our backyard, we barely made it out.
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>> so far this year wild fires have burned more than six and a half million acres. that is mor more than two and af times burned during the same time last year. and there is little relief with the relentless drought and exceptional heat, especially in southern california, where a fire continues to rage outside los angeles. it is already destroyed several cabins and injured ten firefighters, some of them from heat exhaustion and dehydration. this is temperatures continued to citizennable out west, it was 115 degrees in phoenix on saturday, 117 in yuma, and 118 in palm springs, all daily records. but a break in the heat could come as early as tomorrow, carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> glor: and indonesian plane carrying 54 people disappeared during a short flight in bad weather today. people in a small indonesian village say they saw it crash into a mountain. hoo search charlie d'agata. >> this is the twin prop trigana
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air service plane that lost contact just nine minutes before it was due to land. anxious relatives came to the airport hoping for at least some information. >> in jakarta, the head of civil a aviation confirmed that residents confirmed seeing wreckage high on a mountain side. >> it was only about a 45 minute flight from pap i can't capital jaypura to the city of oksibil, the reported location of the crash is tangok mountain in the bintang mountain range. it is a remote region covered in a tangle of dense jungles and a fierce storm brought high winds, heavy rain and thick fog. since the airline was founded in 1991, trigana air service has logged 14 serious incidents and written off ten aircraft. it appears to be another tragic example of the state of indonesia's aviation i have has
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former chairman of the national safety board. >> their operations there, safety oversight, their maintenance, their training, their entire infrastructure is clearly less than adequate when you get the number of incidents and accidents we are seeing in that part of the world. >> in june, a military transport plane plowed into a neighborhood in sumatra just after takeoff, killing 140 people. in december before, an air asia passenger plane plunged into the java sea, killing all 162 passengers and crew on board. the transportation minister said there was no indication that the pilot of the trigana flight made a distress call. jeff, trigana is one of a number of indonesian airlines black listed by the united states and across europe, barred from flying into those countries because of their safety records. >> glor: charlie d'agata, thank you. the death toll in this week's explosion in china is up to 112.
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these images show the crater the blast left behind in the port city of tianjin, today crews in hazmat sues combed the site looking for toxic chemicals, 95 people remain missing, 85 of them firefighters, front runner donald trump is out with new details on his much publicized immigration policy. mark albert has more. >> donald trump is making deportation of illegal immigrants central to his immigration plan. he unveiled it sunday, the first policy specifics of his campaign. the plan also would rescind president obama's executive actions deval patrick ferguson some removals and automatic citizenship for children of illegals, build a wall on the mexican border and give, get mexico to pay for it and trip it will number of immigration agents. trump also said he would be okay sending ground troops to fight isis and would not scrap the nuclear deal with iran but he
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told nbc --. >> i would pull a contract so tough that they don't have a chance. >> trump continued his unrelenting attacks on one time front runner jeb bush. >> he makes so many numbers i don't even, flubs i don't understand it. >> his recent debate performance may be taking a toll. bush lost the most support in a national fox news poll out today, down six points. now behind ted cruz, who is in third. ben carson gained the most, now in second place. >> people are starting to recognize that the same old, same old is going to take us to the same place. >> the same fox polls shows hillary clinton falling below 50 percent for the first time, with bernie sanders up to 30 percent. vice president joe biden who is not in the race is at ten percent, sanders on nbc was asked about a potential biden candidacy. >> if he runs i promise an
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issue-oriented campaign. >> clinton this weekend again tried to dismiss her e-mail controversy. >> this is the usual partisan -- ization of anything that goes on. the gop presidential candidate carly fiorina on abc rejected clinton's explanation. >> she lied about her server and lied about her e-mails. >> reporter: also today, when donald trump was asked who he talks to for military advice, he said in part, he watches the sunday news shows. meanwhile jeb bush's allies hope to regain the momentum by placing a $10 million media buy starting tomorrow. jeff. >> glor: mark, thank you, central california manhunt that lasted 18 days and covered 160 miles is over. police say they shot and killed a man accused of killing one, holding three others hostage, and wounding two officers. here is david begnaud. >> 34-year-old benjamin ashley was caught after a visit to gary
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welfl convenience store. >> he looked dirty like he had been hiking for days, he got food and what not and seemed like the guy that was on the newspaper. >> he spent $100 on water and junk food but he didn't make it more than half a mile. >> he, welfl tipped off law enforcement, officials say two deputy sheriff deputies shot at them when he allegedly pointed a handgun at them. >> it started in twin oak california, three young men stumbled upon ashley squat manager their cabin, he held them at gunpoint for an hour and a half before fleeing on their atv. two days later, about ten miles away, dr. david markiewitz's wife became concerned when her husband quit texting with her so she drove to the cabin and discovered him dead in the kitchen, the sheriff said the retired dentist was shot at close range. >> christi kerr is his daughter. >> there is, there is no one like my dad.
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>> reporter: the hunt continued across rugged terrain. 150 officers from 20 different law enforcement agencies searched cabins and caves day and night. on august 1st, a swat team found ashley hiding in a kelso valley mobile home, he allegedly fired on them, wounding two officers and got away. when they finally captured him last night the sheriff said ashley had four guns in his possession two, of those guns were stolen from dr. markiewitz whose family is relieved the manhunt is over. >> it was this immediate burst of tears and just happiness that i haven't felt obviously in over two weeks. >> kern county sheriff says the investigation is not over. he is worried his depp face may find additional victims in remote cabins that ashley may have broken into. jeff. >> glor: david, thank you. a giant of the civil rights movement, julian bond died last night in florida after a brief illness.
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jericka duncan has more on bond's life, protester, politician and staunch advocate for equality. >> julian bond the grandson of the slave did more than make a name for himself. he made history. as one of the original leaders of the student nonviolent cording, coordinating committee he worked side by side with dr. martin luther king, jr. bond, andrew young and marian wright edelman spoke with cbs evening news anchor scott pelley on the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. >> on that day, what did you think would be achieved by the march on washington? what could be accomplished? >> dr. king's speech and in the speeches of the other people, we had explained, here are the robs we are facing, these are the reasons why we are here, we are marching, we are protesting, we are sitting in, now do something about it. >> he was elected to the georgia house of representatives in 1965, but he had to wage a supreme court battle to be seated because of furious opposition from white members of the house.
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he went on to serve as a lawmaker for 20 years. he helped start the southern poverty law center and was chairman of the national association for the advancement of colored people for 12 years. president obama released a statement saying, julian bond was a hero and i am privileged to say a friend. justice and equality was the mission that spanned his life. >> we need to talk about racial division, we need to talk about racial slight, we need to talk about racial feelings, about how we feel about these things. we need to get this out in public discussion. >> reporter: he was a professor at the university of virginia up until 2012 when he retired. julian bond was 75 years old. jericka duncan, cbs news, new york. >> glor: a surfer a attacked by a great white shark last month is back in competition. and economic waves from china to wall street, when the cbs evening news continues.
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>> glor: investors are bracing for a bumpy ride this week after china devalued its currency several times last week. here to talk about china a's big moves and what it means moving forward is jordan goodman, editor of money >> you just got back are from two weeks in china why are they doing this right now. >> the economy is slowing down, the official growth rate is seven percent but they say it is not really that low so they try to stimulate the economy by devaluating the currency and making it cheaper to buy chinese goods, and hurt americans who are trying to sell into china. >> glor: not the first time they have been accused of manipulating the currency, they are out with this stock market plunge as welsh. >> i was at the shanghai stock exchange it went down 30 percent, a lot of individuals are into the stock market there on margin, borrowing a lot and they are very upset by that so they did a dramatic rescue, where they basically said you can't sell and you have to buy. sinso they are trying to do the same thing with the economy as they did with the stock market. >> glor: 44 percent of iphones
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sales are in china, 79 percent of buick sales are in china, this is foot just a market, this is plenty of goods. >> yes. so one of the reasons those companies have been down is the fear growth isn't going to be there, apple is a guy example, people because of the currency exchange, apple products will get more expense gave and hurt apple stock the last week that is one of the reasons the stock market here has been so volatile is the concerns that american companies are going to sell less than china with the devalued currency. >> glor: this is also commodity and oils. >> big time so this last week i will went down to $41 a barrel, the lowest in six years and see it at the gas pump here, thank chinese for the lower gas rises but across the board, commodities like coal and cotton and wheat and all of these things are going down dramatically, i think they will go down further and see oil into the 30s because of the slowdown in china. >> glor: jordan goodman, thank you very much. >> thank you, jeff. >> glor: ahead on cbs evening news a rob we are a machete gets
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much more than he bargained for. >>
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>> glor: four people are dead following a midair collision near san diego, it involved a twin engine sabre liner and a single engine cessna which collided not far from brown field municipal airport. the wreckage from that crash also started a small brush fires. one person was killed, another injured when a single-engine planed crashed on railroad crossing on new york's long island today, it spread debris across the tracks shutting down train service. when a man tried to rob a convenience steer in pittsburgh bring night, the clerk had an interesting response.
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he drew that sword on the man. and chased him down. the robber's weapon of choice was unconventional as well, he had ameche at this, but it was no match as he quickly realized. he ran off empty-handed. still ahead facing danger alone on oceans across the world. >>
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>> glor: in 2011, sarah outen set out for a solo voyage around the world and she's almost done it, rowing across the indian ocean and vast stretches of the pacific, now she is out in the middle of the atlantic, anna werner has an update. >> on a bike, in a kayak, and in
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a rowboat, sarah outen has been making her way around the world solo for the last four years, 23,700 miles so far, next stop, london and home, with just 1,500 miles left to row. >> outen started her trip from london in april 2011 and cycled across europe to russia, then went on to japan to row across the pacific ocean. it was there, in 2012, that she encountered a tropical storm. for three days she tried to ride it out through 50-foot waves. that was three utterly frightening days when i didn't know know if i was going to be okay. >> reporter: the japanese coast guard had too rescue her. it took her six months at home to get back her passion for adventure and a new boat. it helped that during that time she met the love of her life, her girlfriend lucy. she returned to japan to complete that pacific ocean leg. and one night out in the water picked up her satellite phone
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and proposed to lucy. >> and where were you exactly when you asked her to marry you? >> i was about a thousand miles out to sea in the middle of the pacific, totally alone. >> reporter: after cycling across north america through a harsh winter, sarah outen has spent the summer rowing across an unaccommodating atlantic ocean facing some adopting conditions. >> the gulfstream is not quite the freeway everyone said it would be. >> she called from mid ocean, a storm took her rudder sending her for a time in a circle. >> >> i had an emotional meltdown after a few days, i was feeling pretty frustrating by the weather. >> some good surprises, french sailors brightened her day with fresh food and flowers. >> that's the first time i had seen flowers or greenery for three months. >> reporter: what is keeping her guy? >> fiance lucy at the end of the journey. >> >> we are getting married next
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year and that is really especially. >> reporter: now with just a mere 1,500 miles left he is counting down the weeks and the strokes to home. anna werner, cbs news, new york. >> glor: surfer mick fanning is back in competition, he heard at the billabong pro event in tahiti, the first event since the encounter with the great white shark off the coast of africa on july 19th, fanning says he is ready to move on. coming up, a mission of kindness featuring clothes. >>
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>> glor: we close tonight with the story of one extraordinary college student from california who has spent this month on a road trip, her goal isn't just to see the country. it's to change it. one outfit at a time. >> we could definitely use some more extra smalls. >> reporter: allyson ahlstrom is on a mission, she is wrapping up her third annual cross-country tour putting new clothes on as many girls in need
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as she can find. >> i was wondering if you have any girls age 11 to 21 that may be in need of some clothes. >> on this day her mobile chic boutique is in el paso, texas. >> the clothes are definitely a perk. >> the clothes come from corporate sponsors, the customers? 90 girls from texas child protective services, and juvenile probation department, with we can't show many of their faces some were abused or neglected, other got in trouble with the law. >> this affect the lives of many people. >> they listen to successful people and shown inspiring videos, then they go shopping. >> did you choose any other accessories? >> we were given permission to interview 14-year-old daija. >> i never heard of this program before and i am glad i was able to actually experience it. >> when i was 14 years old, i struggled to fit in at my high school and one of the things that really helped me was fashion and sewing and drawing
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and sketching. >> reporter: allyson ahlstrom fashion philanthropy began when she opened her first threads for teens boutique in california in 2010. >> i wouldn't say i am the most qualified person out there, but at least, you know, i am out there doing something. >> this is a great wardrobe h is great. >> my decisions haven't always been as good as it should be but after having this experience i feel a lot better about myself. >> thank you for coming. >> you got everything, right? >> yes. >> can i give you a hug? >> you betcha. >> it is like being treated like a teenage girl should be treated, with respect, love and dignity. report. >> glor: this fall al son plans to open more shops in los angeles, san antonio, minneapolis, baltimore and london, all while continuing her studies at the wharton school of business. that is the cbs evening news. later on cbs "60 minutes". i am jeff glor in new york. good night.
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triple digit heat. "it's perfect. it s back to normal." a bay area communtiy tackles a traffic nightmare. how it managed to get mis- directed drivers detoured o its streets. and one last ride... a sentimental "so-long" to a y area landmark kpix 5 news is next. smoky skies and oppresive h,
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new records are set and ano spare the air day is ordered good evening, i'm brian hac. i'm juliette goodrich. a live look right now at cr cf1 o smokey skies and heat blanketing the bay area. new records are set and another spare the air day is ordered. good evening i'm brian hackney. a live look in san francisco, not often that


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